PackMan is a utility to help install and maintain applications and other components of a RISC OS computer.

This is version 0.6 (Beta version). It should be feature complete, but may contain some rough edges and bugs. Please send me feedback to improve this application. Contact details are in the application Help.

This is an alternative frontend for packages in the RISC OS Packaging Project format.

It features:

If you are already using !RiscPkg or have a previous release of PackMan just use it to install or upgrade the PackMan package from the main RISC OS Packaging project source

If you are not using !RiscPkg follow the following steps

  1. Ensure you have a program that can decompress zip files. (e.g. !SparkPlug).
  2. If not already installed, download and copy the SharedUnixLibrary (SharedULib) to !System.Modules.310. A copy is in the zip file that can be downloaded from here.
  3. Download a copy of packman from the packaging website at
  4. Once loaded drag the downloaded file to !SparkPlug or set the filetype to Archive and double click on it.
  5. Navigate to the Apps.Admin directory in the Archive and drag the !PackMan application to your hard disc.
  6. You can now double click on the application to run it.
  7. Please see the Help file for what to do now. The full help file requires a browser to have been seen by the filer.