TBX is a C++ class library to help with the creation of RISC OS applications that use the RISC OS Toolbox modules.

This is version 0.5 (Alpha version). It has a few missing features and may contain some rough edges and bugs. Please send me feedback to improve this library. Contact details are in the !TBX application Help file.

TBX is released under the permissive X11 licence so can be used with commercial and non-commercial applications without charge.

TBX is provided as a Package named TBX-Dev for the the RISC OS Packaging Project.

Two additional packages have also been provided

In addition for C++ and Toolbox developement you will need

If you do not with to use a package manager you can download the TBX packages directly using the following links.

Once downloaded drag the files to !SparkPlug or set the filetype to Archive and double click on it. You can the the drag the library/applications out of a subdirectory of the Apps folder in the archive.

Please see the Help file for the !TBX and !TbxAppGen applications or the !!ReadMe file in the TbxExamples for what to do now.

The TBX documentation file requires a browser to have been seen by the filer.